DIY Thumbs down electrical work

Do It Yourself, They Said…It Will Be Fine

There seem to be two types of people in the world: those who know their limitations and those who also know their limitations but take on DIY home repair projects that are probably beyond their capabilities.

Never ones to stand in the way of your good time, all we want to do is sit back and enjoy!

Home Depot Clown Car Lumber Edition

The home repair version of My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach. Or, hell no, I’m not paying $35 for delivery! There’s no more self-defeating way of destroying the suspension of your car than overloading it with roughly five times the number of 2x8s it could reasonably carry. Not that passenger cars were designed to haul lumber, obviously.

When Your Wife Insists on the Stainless Steel Drawer Handles

This is the kind of dick move that carpenters chuckle about at the bar. “And I told her, look, lady, you don’t even need knobs on these drawers!”

Would It Have Killed Them to Call a Plumber?

It’s almost as if the person who installed this said, “I’m gonna make it as ugly and impractical as possible”, and then, set out to achieve this goal with remarkable dedication.

This is What You Get When You Don’t Hire an Architect

Sure, this is all well and good for the current homeowner. It’s their house, let them do what they want with it. But karma will circle back for them when it’s time to sell the property. There isn’t a real estate agent on the planet who’s gonna be excited about listing this house.

Somewhere, There’s a Carpenter Crying in His Sleep

This is either a sick joke or the contractor has never removed a wall before. A textbook example of What Not To Do.

Don’t Blame the Plumber You Didn’t Hire, Chief

Perhaps we’re dealing with some forced perspective but this has to be a DIY job. No self-respecting architect would design this and no professional plumber would agree to install the toilet under the bathroom vanity. It just wouldn’t happen.

Genius Idea…Until It Rains

What’s the worst that could happen here? The opposite of what this DIYer was trying to achieve.

Featured and header image credit: Bulat Shutterstock