Massive chainsaw

Epic DIY Chainsaw Fails Video Compilation

It’s funny that you need a license to fish, hunt, own a gun, drive a car, and work as a manicurist a nail salon, but there’s no such requirement for owning and operating a chainsaw. What’s likely to cause more damage, a fishing pole or a 60cc Husqvarna gas chainsaw?

Used improperly, chainsaws are capable of not just inflicting deadly harm, but catastrophic damage to property. Want proof? Here are some of the best chainsaw fail videos on YouTube today, all in one place. Getcha popcorn! It’s almost as much fun as watching a Macy’s parade balloon disaster.

Homestead Disasters

It’s a 2-minute video with roughly 1.5 minutes of truly hilarious and brutal chainsaw fails. Consider this a taste of what’s to come.

Idiots with Chainsaws

Not every fail in this 7-minute clip is an idiot with a chainsaw, but every clip is a winner. Have you ever seen a power line arc before? Skip to the 3:00 mark. But circle back and watch the whole thing. Some of the commentary is priceless.

Failure on a Recursive Loop

This is an isolated video of a previous fail – one of the most amusing. It’s repeated twice in slo-mo to get the full effect. But stick around to the end for the best part!

Extreme Chainsaw Challenge Fail

You just gotta watch this one to get the whole story. If you’re not asking a bunch of questions by the 3-minute mark, you haven’t been paying attention.

Never Do This With a Chainsaw

This is somewhat of an educational video, at least, that’s how it starts out. By the time you get to the second or third fail, you can’t help but want to learn more.

The Worst Arborist in the History of Time

Somebody paid these people to fail. Once again, the commentary is awesome. “I was a firefighter!”

Close Calls, Near-Misses, and Total Failures from the Educated Climber

This guy has been wearing a GoPro on the job for the last four or five years. It’s actually pretty scary. Some of these clips are not great for people with a fear of heights.


Some of the clips on here you can’t unsee. Watch with caution.


Featured and header image credit: Parilov, Shutterstock