Kludge or Triumph? Homeowner’s Edition #1

There are universal truths about homeownership, many of which involve structural and mechanical breakdowns and repairs and the inevitable consequences. Whether you’re the type who calls a professional to clean the gutters or a take-charge champion of problem solving, another truth involves probability. No matter who does the fixing, there’s a 50/50 chance of something not being right. Let’s take a look at the winners and losers of our first Homeowner’s Edition of Kludge or Triumph?

A New Meaning to “Shower Beers”

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Nice water distribution 🤣

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The poor choice of beer brand can be overlooked when you consider the ingenuity involved here – seriously, who drinks Anheuser-Busch Natural? This was clearly rigged by someone who knows plumbing but probably doesn’t have a journeyman’s union card. A solid triumph as far as we’re concerned.

Yes, But Also No

The answer to the question, “Can I use your bathroom?” The logic and contingencies are baffling. More questions abound. We have a couple of possible scenarios. One, the technician wasn’t paying attention. Two, they had no intention of installing the seat properly and didn’t know what to do with the extra parts. Lack of a visible flushing mechanism suggests a public restroom. Moreover, the layout gives off a heavy South East Asian vibe, where, unlike Japan and almost everywhere else in the world, people usually don’t sit on the toilet seat. In which case, all bets are off. Major kludge.

Puff n’ Stuff vs Air Duct: Puff n’ Stuff Wins by TKO

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Ermmmm 😂

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Somebody got cute with the spray foam insulation. That vent was cosmetic anyway, right, Dad? A kludge if we ever saw one.

How Late is Home Depot Open on a Sunday Night?

Though it might not look like a catastrophe, this weekend warrior has just set his bathroom remodel back by a minimum of 24 hours. All kludge, all day.

Should I Call an Electrician or an Exorcist?

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Not sure that's meant to happen 👀

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Generally speaking, the only thing you want to see coming out of a wall socket is maybe a short spark when you plug in a hair dryer. Brown liquid is right up there with poisonous gas on the scale of things you don’t want coming out of an electrical outlet. This is close to paranormal and a solid kludge.

Dude Got His Bell Rung

The multi-image story here is this guy was tearing down the privacy fence, which also happened to have a 100-pound-plus wrought iron bell sitting 12 feet off the ground.

The second image shows the bell on the ground. The third image shows the damage to dude’s skull. Warning: it’s a bloody kludge.

Who Has Time to Read?

Some die-hards think they’re Walter White in Breaking Bad, a mad scientist with a gift for chemistry. Caustic chemicals come with warnings and instructions for a reason. Read them. What you’re looking at here is the result of mixing two volatile and incompatible chemicals.

When Your Contractor Doesn’t Give a F***

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Oh dear 🤦‍♀️

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Here’s the dilemma. They want you to move the wall but you don’t want to rip up the electrical conduit. And so, there comes a time in nearly every home improvement project when the contractor says, “Yeah, that’s about our only option left. Let’s hope the homeowner doesn’t notice.”

The World’s Most Expensive Shelving Bracket

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Using a camera tripod to help me install level shelves #juryrigged

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You can see the level down in the lower right-hand corner, so you know this cat was using the tripod as a temporary brace during installation. Either way, you’re looking at a top-notch triumph and the definition of “There, I Fixed It”.

For Every Crack, a Hinge

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Ever tried to repair a crack with a hinge? 😂

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You have to know there’s a great story behind this jury-rigged repair. Fortunately, it’s not a load-bearing support. If they’d filled the cracks in the wood with a little more care, there’d be something artistic about it.

And that concludes the premier edition of our homeowner’s Kludge or Triumph?

Header image credit: Pikist.com