Kludge or Triumph? The Duct Tape Extravaganza!

There, I Fixed It doesn’t really exist if not for the potential of duct tape. Spend any amount of time on Instagram and you’ll quickly learn that there are some pretty freaky people out there who love duct tape.

Here’s to every champion of the universe who never met a problem that couldn’t be solved with the greatest adhesive tape known to mankind!

No Telephone Pole Left Behind

Based on what little we know about high-tension utility cables, we’re gonna go ahead and say that rope isn’t going to help if the duct tape doesn’t hold.

They Went for the Economy Roll

Duct Tape Fun Fact #1: Contrary to urban legend, it wasn’t developed by NASA. The original idea came from a woman working in a munitions factory in Illinois. Created by Johnson & Johnson, its earliest use was for sealing ammunition boxes in World War II.

The Definition of a “Temporary Fix” aka the Ultimate Jury Rig

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How long do you think it'll hold?

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Duct Tape Fun Fact #2: You can’t use it with ductwork. A study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory compared duct tape to every other tape on the market. When it came to sealing ducts, no other tape performed as poorly as duct tape. One scientist said it failed “catastrophically”.

Today, it’s a major code violation to use it on ducts in the US.


Leaky Roof? Problem Solved

Duct Tape Fun Fact #3: The NASA and duct tape myth probably got started because of Apollo 13. Engineers used duct tape to resolve a potentially life-threatening problem with the ventilation system in the lunar module.

Sharpie Warrior

Every high school has that one bad ass science or math teacher who doesn’t mind looking like an idiot if it’s gonna make the kids happy.

Believe It or Not, That Won’t Pass Inspection

More Duct Tape Fun Facts #4: Avon, Ohio hosts an annual duct tape festival. The event includes duct tape artwork, a fashion show, and a parade featuring floats and marching formations based on duct tape. No word on whether the duct tape bondage and fetish communities have a presence, but let’s hope so.

Happy Camper

On one hand, it’s like, OK, we can see what you’ve done here and we understand why. On the other hand, we can’t help but wonder if maybe you shouldn’t be rolling around Nevada with a 2-ton aluminum death trap.

Beer Bong Festival Chief

Those zany college kids! What will they think of next?

Railroad Tie Quick Fix

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There, I fixed it #thereifixedit

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Duct Tape Fun Fact #5: Duct tape has been used to prevent the spread of infections. Trinity Medical Centers in the Midwest used duct tape to mark “safe zones” that allowed physicians to visit their patients without full sterile gear. The idea saves Trinity around $300,000 per year.

Is She Seaworthy?

If it keeps the boat from sinking for more than an hour, let’s call it a success. Otherwise, this ship is going down, duct tape or not.

Featured image credit: Steve Jurveson, Flickr