Kludge or Triumph? The Hard Hat Report

Working in construction has its perks. You’re not confined to a desk, you get to work with power tools, and sometimes, you might even have some fun on the job.

But make no mistake, for every journeyman who can say that he genuinely loves his job, there are a dozen grunts, runners, and carpenter’s apprentices who question their life choices daily.

Strap yourselves into the harness of our latest report from the field. Don’t forget your hard hat!

The Wheelbarrow Champion

First of all, this is one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen. Listen, if you’ve ever worked in construction or landscaping, there’s a good chance you’ve been this champion of the wheelbarrow. In fact, you haven’t worked in construction or landscaping until you’ve dumped an overloaded wheelbarrow off a rickety plank on the back of a flat bed. It’s simply a rite of passage.

Thank you, Wheelbarrow Champion, you’ve made our year!


William Tell Ain’t Got Nothin’ on These Jokers

Construction workers often have some time to kill. Some guys take a nap in the shade. Others play Scrabble on their cell phones. But not these geniuses.

Dude 1: I’ma use this shovel as a catapult to fire this hard hat over my shoulder and have it land square on your head!

Dude 2: OK. Do it!

Everybody else: …

He’s Due Any Day Now

Don’t laugh until you’ve humped 75 sheets of drywall up three flights of stairs while 8 months pregnant.

Anybody Seen Don Lately?

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Not what you want see 😂

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If you happen to dump a bobcat or an earthmover on a job site, you have two choices: (A) Stay and fess up to the crime, or (B) Start running and never look back.

Looks like Don chose option B.

When the Plumber Has a Grudge Against the Drywall Guys

Notice how the U-pipe dips well below the ceiling line? The drywall guys are going to have a heart attack when they see this.

Introducing the Bath Truck

Ever been to a bathhouse? All this set up needs is a disco ball, a towel rack, and a janitor standing around with a mop.

Goats, You Say?

This could only happen in a place where free range livestock have run of the joint. Poor guy who laid the concrete is probably the only person in town who didn’t see it coming.

You Had One Job: Asphalt Sealer Edition

File this under: That’ll Show ‘Em. But you know, it’s really hard to say who’s the winner and who’s the loser here.

Peter Pan Delivers

You learn a lot about a person by working together on a construction site. One of those things is how much they value the safety of themselves and those nearby. Pretty impressive feat, though. Got that 50-pound sack of concrete up to the cat on the third floor. Nobody got hurt. Triumph!

Featured image credit: Pxfuel.com