Kludge or Triumph? Welcome to the Auto Show #1

We treat our cars like extensions of ourselves. In some cases, we treat both like a rental. In other cases, we care for our babies with undying devotion.

Not all repairs are fixes and vice versa. The difference lies in the eye of the beholder. And so, it’s up to you. Are you looking at a kludge or a triumph? Keep scrolling for our first-ever automotive special edition.

What Broken Tail Light, Officer?

It’s not the worst repurposing of window tinting we’ve ever seen, but come on, would have killed you to make it look nice? Half-hearted triumph.

Bro, Those Orange Pylons Are There for a Reason

The backward baseball cap tells you everything you need to know about this champion of the roadways. Imagine the foreman of the site walking up to the car. What would you be thinking?

Foreman: Did you see the orange pylons and the sign that says “Do Not Enter: Wet Concrete”?

Bro: Uh, yeah… But I thought it was dry already.

Foreman: Are you in construction, son?

Bro: Uh, no.

Foreman: Just sit tight. The cops will be here in a minute.

Honey, the Brakes on the Nissan Are Making a Weird Grinding Noise

Through no fault of our own, sometimes we manage to make possible the impossible. Semi-kludge but also kind of impressive.


Scooter Delivery Service – Who Knew?

Further proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Also further proof that people who drive scooters shouldn’t be allowed on the roads in the first place. There’s something wrong with them. Something very wrong.

Some Punk Stole My Car Stereo but the Joke’s On Them

It’s funny because that sound system probably costs more than the beater it’s sitting in. But kudos for creativity. Triumph.

It Drives, Doesn’t It?

There’s nothing worse than a half-ass. If you can’t do a job properly, don’t do it at all. Here we have one of those cavalier types who just had to put his childhood dream car back together, come hell or high water.

Header image credit: Tony Harrison, Flickr